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Measuring and Understanding your Scope 3 Emissions
For most companies, the majority of their greenhouse gas emissions (up to 90 %) lie in their supply chains – so-called Scope 3. Reducing those Scope 3 emissions provides the biggest lever for corporate climate transformation, but it is also by far the most difficult. The first step and basic requirement is to measure and holistically understand the company's Scope 3 emissions.

We learn exactly how this can be achieved at the CHOICE Event #55 from Richard Scholz, Head of Impact Analysis at the WifOR Institute. Among other things, he will address questions such as:
-Where do I start to measure Scope 3?
-How do I go about creating the corresponding procurement list?
-What do I do with the measurement data, what can I use the reporting for?
-What is the return on investment?

Our expert:

Dr. Richard Scholz is Head of Impact Analysis and part of the leadership team at the WifOR Institute. His core areas of research include the representation and evaluation of global value chains and the translation of sensitive company data into macroeconomic indicators. Dr. Scholz’s goal is to set standards in sustainability measurement in order to create comparability and transparency – for business, society, and policy making. His clients include globally active companies, associations, and foundations. For additional information, please visit: https://insights.wifor.com/en/expertprofile-dr.-richard-scholz.

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THE CLIMATE CHOICE offers this event as part of the CHOICE Event series, which presents best practice solutions for climate transformation.
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Dr. Richard Scholz
Head of Impact Analysis @WifOR Institute