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Introduction to Climate Data Management and Collaboration for Decarbonization
More than 3.000 global enterprises have set climate targets and up to 90% of their emissions derive from their supply chains. As a result, companies today feel the need to discover climate-related risks and find potential solutions in collaboration with their suppliers. But climate transformation along the supply chain needs structured climate data management.

How can companies manage their own climate-relevant data, benchmark with peers and engage their suppliers in their decarbonization journey?

A structured climate data approach is needed, enabling to collect, analyze and share climate-relevant information along international climate disclosure standards in a secure way.

At The Climate Choice, we provide the leading software platform to streamline the management of climate-related data within companies and beyond. Empowering companies to fulfill reporting requests from their customers, collaborate on supply chain decarbonization and discovering best practices for improvements.

Book the Demo to learn how to:
- Assess, manage and benchmark your company’s climate maturity
- Be ahead of climate disclosure requirements from customers and legislation
- Empower your suppliers to set up a structured climate management approach
- Successfully support suppliers in their climate transformation efforts
- Collaborate on supply chain decarbonization

Let the climate transformation begin!
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Yasha Tarani
CEO & Co-Founder @The Climate Choice
Yasha Tarani is one of the Co-founders & Chief Executive Officer at theclimatechoice.com. He works with Enterprise and SME clients on supplier climate data acquisition projects and is leading the business development team to support companies in their Scope 3 decarbonization journey.